Girlfriends and Girlfriends

(La amiga de mi amiga)
Zaida Carmona | Fiction, Comedy, Romance

2022 | 89 minutes | Spain

A five-way lesbian sitcom that takes place in the bathrooms, beds, and streets of Barcelona.


They are in their thirties, but live just as they did in their twenties. They are in love with love, but in their search, they tear each other apart, wandering from ex-girlfriend to ex-girlfriend, from relationship to relationship.


"A very personal tribute to films that have had an impact on its director, to the stories that have inspired her to dream. But, above all, to the friends who are a part of her life and to whom she is also indebted. It ultimately becomes a delightful film to watch, beautiful and hilarious. A film that manages to go beyond these references to stand on its own." — Julia Olmo, Cineuropa

Main credits

Carmona, Zaida (film director)
Carmona, Zaida (screenwriter)
Carmona, Zaida (actor)
Fernández, Tatiana (film producer)
Ferrer, Marc (screenwriter)
Saiz, Rocío (actor)
Cros, Alba (actor)

Other credits

Cinematography, Alba Cros; editing, Eric Monteagudo.

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D´A Film Festival Barcelona - Premio Un Impulso Colectivo; Abycine - Albacete International Film Festival; Rotterdam International Film Festival; San Sebastián International Film Festival; Rec Tarragona International Film Festival; RIZOMA Festival; Lesgaicinemad; Atlántida Mallorca FIlm Fest; Roze Fimdagen Amsterdam LGBTQ+ Film Festival; Fancinegay Extremadura LGBTQ+ International Film Festival; Festival de Cine LGTB des Images Aux Mots Toulouse;  Nantes Spanish Film Festival; FICCI Cartagena de Indias International Film Festival; Pinx LGBTQIA+ Film Festival Gante; Lovers Film Festival Torino; New Horizons International Film Festival; Pink Apple Film Festival Zürich

DIRECTOR: Zaida Carmona


YEAR: 2022

GENRE: Fiction, Comedy, Romance


COLOR / B&W: Color

GRADE LEVEL: High School, College, Adults



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