Christopher Murray, Josefina Buschmann, Israel Pimental | Documentary

2019 | 124 minutes | Chile

A cinematic mosaic depicting Pope Francis’ 2018 visit to Chile, God explores the constant tension between the social creation of God in different communities and the tensions that define modern-day Chilean society.


A cinematic mosaic depicting Pope Francis’ 2018 visit to Chile, God explores the constant tension between the social creation of God in different communities and the tensions that define modern-day Chilean society.

Despite the Catholic church’s best efforts, the pews are increasingly empty, while in the streets, people are demonstrating their anger against institutionalized power, protesting for LGBTQ+ rights, the depenalization of abortion, and in support of the Mapuche people. Instead of a divine revelation, what comes to light is the profound social differences of a country.

God was directed by a collective of seventeen young Chilean filmmakers from the group MAFI - Mapa fílmico de un país (Filmic Map of a Country), led by Christopher Murray, Israel Pimentel, and Josefina Buschmann.


"A funny, clever, fascinating film... The noise and ballyhoo in this fast-paced film are tempered with quieter touching moments such as when an elderly man (who is dying and in a hospice), talks to his wife about their joint faith and God. An excellent film." —  Living in Nyon

Main credits

Pimentel, Israel (film director)
Pimentel, Israel (screenwriter)
Buschmann, Josefina (film director)
Buschmann, Josefina (screenwriter)
Murray, Christopher (film director)
Luco, Antonio (screenwriter)
Pino Anguita, Diego (film producer)

Other credits

Cinematography, Adolfo Mesías; editor, Andrea Chignoli, Javiera Velozo.

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Visions du Réel - Jury Prize des Jeunes George Reinhart
Málaga Film Festival - Special Mention of the Jury
International Film Festival Watch Docs Human Rights in Film - Jury Prize
Bergen International Film Festival
La Plata Latin American Film Festival

DIRECTOR: Christopher Murray, Josefina Buschmann, Israel Pimental


YEAR: 2019

GENRE: Documentary


COLOR / B&W: Color

GRADE LEVEL: High School, College, Adults



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