Jaar. Lament of the Images

(JAAR el lamento de las imágenes)
Paula Rodríguez | Documentary

2017 | 75 minutes | Chile

Alfredo Jaar is one of the most uncompromising and innovative artists working today. To him, art is “the last place” of freedom, and he displays his work as an act of resistance.


An intimate portrait, Jaar. Lament of the Images follows Chilean artist Alfredo Jaar as he finds his artistic voice and develops the socially critical perspective of his work. The documentary allows us to take part in the questions and motivations that drive his work.

Jaar is one of the most uncompromising, compelling, and innovative artists working today. Through his multidisciplinary artistic practice, which includes film, photography, sculpture, and public projects, Jaar explores issues of global resonance, such as migration, discrimination, and unequal power relations.

Jaar sees art as “the last place” of freedom in our society and displays his work as an act of resistance. The best known perhaps is the 6-year-long The Rwanda Project about the 1994 Rwandan genocide. He has also made numerous public intervention works, like The Skoghall Konsthall, a one-day paper museum in Sweden, an early electronic billboard intervention A Logo For America, and The Cloud, a performance project on both sides of the Mexico-USA border.


“It is a respectful, complete and very enriching tour through the 'museum' of an artist who deserves that and more, and should arouse the viewer's curiosity to delve deeper into the subject"” – Diego Muñoz, El Mercurio

Main credits

Rodríguez Sickert, Paula (screenwriter)
Rodríguez Sickert, Paula (film director)
Jaar, Alfredo (on-screen participant)

Other credits

Cinematographers, John Márquez, Enrique Stind, Chus López Vidal, Martin Lagner, Alessio Anastasi, Isabel Alvárez; editor, Titi Viera-Gallo; music, Nicolás Jaar, Nascuy Linares.

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International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA); Santiago International Film Festival SANFIC; DOK.fest München

DIRECTOR: Paula Rodríguez


YEAR: 2017

GENRE: Documentary

LANGUAGE: Spanish; English

COLOR / B&W: Color

GRADE LEVEL: Middle School, High School, College, Adults



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