The Kid Who Lies

(El chico que miente)
Marité Ugás | Drama, Fiction, Adventure

2010 | 99 minutes | Venezuela

An intimate tale of a young runaway in search of his disappeared mother, The Kid Who Lies works as a metaphor for those still suffering from the 1999 mudslide tragedy, a natural disaster that claimed more than 10,000 victims in the Vargas state of Venezuela.


A 13-year-old boy leaves his home and starts a journey along the Venezuelan coast. In order to survive, he captivates people by telling them riveting tales from the “Mudslide Tragedy.” Sometimes he weaves a story of how he’s rescued by his mother, who sacrifices herself to save him; other times, it’s his father who dies. These fractured stories, however, begin to reveal some of the truth, and his past becomes clearer. Ten years ago, a mudslide tore his world apart. Many disappeared, his mother among them. Now the memories, carefully crafted and passed on by his father, contradict each other and push him to search for his own story. He has a difficult road ahead of him, where he will also wrestle with his own universe of affections and feelings. While crossing the desert, the boy doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but the crack in his soul is starting to heal.


“Director Marite Ugas uses the intimate -- but only intermittently engaging -- tale of a young runaway as metaphor for those still suffering from the 1999 Vargas mudslides, a natural disaster that claimed more than 10,000 victims.” – Peter Debruge, VARIETY

Main credits

Rondón, Mariana (film producer)
Rondón, Mariana (screenwriter)
Ugás, Marité (film director)
Ugás, Marité (screenwriter)
Fernández, Iker (actor)
Denis, Francisco (actor)
Fernanda Ferro, María (actor)

Other credits

Cinematography, Micaela Cajahuaringa; editor, Marité Ugás; music, Camilo Froideval.

Vargas mudslide, natural disaster, spanish, spanish language, latin america,; Environment, Family, Ibero American Modern History, Youth; "The Kid Who Lies"; Pragda
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Berlinale, International Film Festival of Guadalajara
International Film Festival of Viña del Mar, Chile
International Festival of New Latin American Cinema of Havana
San Juan´s Film Festival, Puerto Rico
Flanders Latino Film Festival, Belgium
Chicago International Film Festival
American Film Institute, Washington
MOMA Ibero American Images

DIRECTOR: Marité Ugás


YEAR: 2010

GENRE: Drama, Fiction, Adventure


COLOR / B&W: Color

GRADE LEVEL: College, Adults



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