Mrs. Death

(Mrs. Death )
Silvia Ventayol | Documentary

2021 | 61 minutes |

A documentary revolving around those who collect pictures of the dead.


Death causes us so much fear and confusion that we can hardly look it in the face. In our antiseptic societies, pain and suffering tend to be covered up. It was not always like that. In fact, until the late 20th century, it was customary to photograph the dead in places all around the world, from the United States and Europe to Latin America. Something that today is rather unknown, had its reason for being. The representation of the deceased was a way to mitigate the sorrow of a loved one. The documentary, Mrs. Death, tries to give answers. Why has this practice fallen into disuse and is now considered as something macabre and insensitive?

Main credits

Ventayol Bosch, Sílvia (film director)
Ventayol Bosch, Sílvia (screenwriter)

Other credits

Cinematography and editing, Jordi Pol; music, Jaume Compte.

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Festival Som Cinema – Jury Special Mention; Her International Film Festival; Etnovideográfica International Ethnographyc Festival

DIRECTOR: Silvia Ventayol


YEAR: 2021

GENRE: Documentary

LANGUAGE: Catalan; Spanish; English

COLOR / B&W: Color

GRADE LEVEL: High School, College, Adult



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