Mariano Biasin | Drama, Fiction, Romance, Musical

2022 | 100 minutes | Argentina

A thoughtful and tender handling of a teen’s emerging sexuality. When a teenager falls for his best friend, turbulent emotions brew beneath the surface.


Mariano Biasin’s acclaimed and tenderly observed coming-of-age film follows sixteen-year-old Manuel as he navigates adolescence in a small coastal town, hanging out with his girlfriend and playing in a rock band with Felipe, his best friend since childhood. But he also struggles with conflicted emotions as the realization dawns that his feelings for Felipe are becoming something more than friendship. Sensitive and cautious, Manuel must reconcile his desire to discover if his impulse is mutual, with the fear of risking his lifelong bond with Felipe.

Softly lit cinematography, Emilio Cervini’s evocative soundtrack, and sweet, loving performances enrich this beautiful and candid story of acceptance.

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“Personal and honest, with a perfect ensemble and a score that drives the story justly and sensibly, Sublime is a film of immense beauty.” – Fernando E. Juan Lima, Escribiendo Cine

“The rollercoaster emotions of adolescence are perfectly captured in Mariano Biasin’s light and lyrical film, which was one of the highlights of 2022’s festival fare.” – Jennie Kermode, Eye for Film

“Unlike many queer coming-of-age films – which can lapse into sentimental self-flagellation – Argentinian director Mariano Biasin’s light-touch drama handles the thorny process of coming out in refreshing fashion.” – Phuong Le, The Guardian

“Avoiding schmaltzy pitfalls, this moving drama about two friends nearing adulthood offers a modern ideal of masculinity.” – Phuong Le, The Guardian

Main credits

Biasin, Mariano (film director)
Biasin, Mariano (screenwriter)
Miller, Martín (actor)
Chiabrando, Teo Inama (actor)
Mazzeo, Azul (actor)
Arana, Joaquín (actor)
Donari, Laura (film producer)
Miller, Juan Pablo (film producer)

Other credits

Cinematography, Iván Gierasinchuk; editing, María Astrauskas; music, Emilio Cervini.

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Berlin International Film Festival - Generation 14plus; San Sebastian International Film Festival; Mar del Plata Film Festival; BFI Flare - London; LGBTIQ+ Film Festival; Cleveland International Film Festival - New Direction Competition; FICCI Cartagena International Film Festival; Seattle International Film Festival - Grand Jury Prize; San Francisco International Film Festival - Honorable Mention

DIRECTOR: Mariano Biasin


YEAR: 2022

GENRE: Drama, Fiction, Romance, Musical


COLOR / B&W: Color

GRADE LEVEL: Middle School, High School, College, Adults



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