Andrés Reads and Writes

(Andrés lee i escribe)
Daniel Peralta | Drama, Fiction, Romance

2016 | 96 minutes | Chile

Andrés Centeno, a young factory worker, realizes that although he has lost its way and forgotten his teenage dreams, it’s still not to late.


Andrés Centeno, a young factory worker, spends his nights working long night shifts, leaving him in a continuous state of drowsiness. Andrés has lost its way and forgotten his teenage dreams. Running into a piece of his own life story, he will realize that although he hasn’t made the right choices, it’s still not too late to make amends; accompanied by a new friendship that will encourage him to move forward.

Daniel Peralta's indie film quietly focuses on the mundane, pausing to look at the day-to-day in Andrés’ life. With an engaging performance at its core, this look at the anxiety that comes with realizing you haven’t quite lived up to your youthful expectations feels all too real.


"A simple story, one of personal searches and fortuitous encounters, of those that Trans-Andean cinema has been developing with great results and that takes a step back from the third world misery popular at film festivals." — Juan Pablo Russo, Escribiendo Cine

"One of Peralta's achievements is the way he has to present information in a gradual way... Another is the narrative fluidity used to tell a simple story, without the need of a complicated script with forced twists and intellectual airs. Peralta distances himself from that and the film wins." — Juan Pablo Russo, Escribiendo Cine

"Andrés Reads and Writes doesn't talk about childhood as a better time, but as a time when the essence of who we are and who we can become resides. It doesn't propose to forget the responsibilities of the adult world, but something more mature: to know how to put those responsibilities in the right place. Just by delivering that message, the film wins." — Santiago Balestra,

Main credits

Peralta, Daniel (film director)
Peralta, Daniel (screenwriter)
Mena, Fernando (actor)
Gracia Omegna, María (actor)
Quevedo, Alex (actor)
Martín, René (screenwriter)

Other credits

Cinematography, René Durán; editor, Daniel Peralta; music, Diego Peralta.

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Stockholm Independent Film Festival - Best Feature Drama
Santiago International Film Festival - Special Jury Award
NOIDA International Film Festival India - Special Jury Award
Construir Cine: Labor International Film Festival - Special Jury Award
Craft Film Festival Barcelona - Best Picture
Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema

DIRECTOR: Daniel Peralta


YEAR: 2016

GENRE: Drama, Fiction, Romance


COLOR / B&W: Color

GRADE LEVEL: College, Adults



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