The Cuban Wives

(Las esposas cubanas)
Alberto Antonio Dandolo | Documentary

2012 | 70 minutes | Cuba

The compelling and tragic story of five Cuban intelligence agents who were arrested in the US in 1998 for their attempt to protect their country from terrorist attacks of paramilitary organizations operating from Miami. Essential viewing for the understanding of U.S.-Cuba relations.


The Cuban Wives reveals the compelling and tragic story of five Cuban intelligence agents who were arrested in the United States in 1998. Their crime: an attempt to protect their country from the terrorist attacks of paramilitary organizations operating from Miami.

With the recent release of the “the Cuban five” by the government of President Obama as a sign of the restoration of diplomatic relations between both countries, it is important now more than ever to take a look at this thorough and captivating documentary in order to understand the relationship between the U.S. and Cuba.

Engaging experts in law (José Pertierra – Attorney representing Venezuela in the trial for the extradition of Luis Posada Carriles), politicians (Wayne Smith – Chief of Mission head of the U.S. Interests Section in Havana from ’79 to ’82 / Ricardo Alarcon – Former President of the Assembly of People’s Power of Cuba), journalist (Gloria La Riva – Coordinator of the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five, USA) and theologians (Frei Betto - Brazilian writer and theologist), The Cuban Wives explore the cases with unprecedented insight. The documentary also includes intimate accounts from their wives, revealing a story of love and resistance for justice. In the intimacy of their homes, the wives share in the unbearable presence of the absence of their men, and their daily battle to free them.


"An intriguing documentary about the plight of five Cuban spies being held prisoner in the United States and their spouses." — Nina Strochlic, The Daily Beast

"A story of love and struggle to affirm justice. " — Cine Magazine Online

"A drama that can be felt in each frame." — Stefano Amadio, Cinema Italiano

Main credits

Dandolo, Alberto Antonio (film director)
Dandolo, Alberto Antonio (screenwriter)
Power, David (narrator)

Other credits

Cinematography, Alberto Antonio Dandolo, Marie-Cecile Emberton; editor, Daniela L. Carlevaro; music, Mario Formisano.

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Trieste Latin American Film Festival - Malvinas Award
Roma Tre Film Festival - Co-production Prize
EFM Berlin International Film Festival
Havana Film Festival
Vancouver International Film Festival 4 Peace
International Western Sahara Film Festival

DIRECTOR: Alberto Antonio Dandolo


YEAR: 2012

GENRE: Documentary


COLOR / B&W: Color

GRADE LEVEL: High School, College, Adults



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