La Chiperita: By the Road

(La chiperita)
Hugo Cataldo Barudi | Comedy, Fiction, Romance

2015 | 62 minutes | Paraguay

A box office success in Paraguay, La Chiperita: By The Road speaks to us of love in different ways: the impossible love that might come true, the love of family and friends, but most importantly, the importance of doing things with love.


In a small town in Paraguay, Virgilia, a shy and innocent chipa seller, spends her days daydreaming about Walter, her best friend from childhood and current toll post official. Her friend Juanita encourages to confess her love but Virgilia is afraid of being rejected. But when letters and financial support from her brother Anselmo stop arriving from Spain, Virgilia must leave aside the illusion of love, to support her family without the help of anyone but herself.

A box office success in Paraguay, La Chiperita: By The Road speaks to us of love in different ways: the impossible love that might come true, the love of family and friends, but most importantly, the importance of doing things with love.


"With no pretensions, except than telling a tiny and genuine love story, Hugo Cataldo's film shines for the consistency of his narrative text, agility and subtlety and freshness of its colorful characters." — Jorge Coronel, ABC Color Newspaper

"Cute, funny, and touching." — Sarah Ortíz, La Nación

"It's no surprise why the film has been at the receiving end of a glowing word-of-mouth campaign, with impressively naturalistic performances complemented by a simple but naturalistic visual style." — Andrew S. Vargas, Remezcla

Main credits

Cataldo Barudi, Hugo (film director)
Cataldo Barudi, Hugo (screenwriter)
Cataldo Barudi, Hugo (film producer)
Careaga, Richard (film producer)
Cabrera, Lorena (film producer)
Duarte, Hebe (actor)
Sosa Bofinger, Bruno (actor)
Paredes, Patty (actor)

Other credits

Cinematography, Santiago Ortiz; editor, Arapy Yegros, Mauricio Franco; music, Patrick Altamirano.

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Madrid Film Festival - Audience Award
Latin American Film Festival Australia
Cinema da America Latina Portugal
Latin American and Caribbean Film Festival Switzerland
Comedy Cluj International Film Festival Rumania
Latin American Film Festival Canada

DIRECTOR: Hugo Cataldo Barudi


YEAR: 2015

GENRE: Comedy, Fiction, Romance


COLOR / B&W: Color

GRADE LEVEL: High School, College, Adults



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