Rural Health

(Salud rural)
Darío Doria | Documentary

2014 | 81 minutes | Argentina

A little town, a rural hospital, and a Doctor who assists his patients, but, above all, a doctor who sits down and speaks with them.


A little town, a rural hospital, and a Doctor who assists his patients, but, above all, a doctor who sits down and speaks with them.

Carrying all that he needs, briefcase in hand, Dr. Arturo Serrano also visits those who are not able to reach the hospital he built himself and has used as a home for his family for many years.

Each consultation in the hospital and each home visit tells a little story and all, assembled, make this documentary film.


"Rural Health is a documentary that challenges the viewer with situations that exceed its purpose and that invite you to reflect not only on the state of the medical system in the country, but mainly seeks to meditate on a situation that encompasses a much broader and socio-cultural situation." - Diego Battle, La Nación

Main credits

Doria, Dario (film director)
Doria, Dario (film producer)
Camardella, Luis (screenwriter)

Other credits

Cinematography & editing, Dario Doria.

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Mar del Plata International Film Festival - Best Director Jury Mention; Premios Argentores - Best Screenplay; Premio Fox - Best Argentinian Film; Chivilcoy International Film Festival; Tandil Cine; ARICADOC. International Documentary Film Festival; FECILBBA Bahía Blanca Independent Latin American Film Festival

DIRECTOR: Darío Doria


YEAR: 2014

GENRE: Documentary


COLOR / B&W: Black and white

GRADE LEVEL: High School, College, Adult



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