From the Land to Your Table

(¿Qué culpa tiene el tomate?)
Jorge Coira, Alejo Hoijman, Josué Méndez, Marcos Loayza Montoya, Carolina Navas, Alejandra Szeplaki, | Documentary, Experimental

2011 | 107 minutes | Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Spain, Venezuela

From the Land to Your Table shows the perspectives of seven Ibero-American filmmakers as they capture the conditions and cultural diversity of popular produce markets in their individual countries.


Seven countries, seven popular markets, seven cultures. The first documentary of its kind, From the Land to Your Table shows the perspectives of seven Ibero-American filmmakers as they capture the conditions and cultural diversity of popular produce markets in their individual countries. Created collectively, each segment in this brilliantly executed documentary retains its own unique style and tone, highlighting the fascinating stories of the foods that eventually wind up on our tables. A whole new world reveals itself in every chosen character and image, illuminating the diverse socioeconomic conditions of these countries through the fascinating stories of the foods that we eat and the people who sell and produce them.


"From the Land to Your Table works as a portrait of a small aspect of society of each of the countries it represents, as a valuable document and representative of the different daily issues and, maybe, as the beginning of a conversation about the problems of the system of commercialization and distribution of produce, its different processes and results." — Karen Riveiro, Cinemarama

"One of the great attractions of the proposal is the participation of directors with experience and recognition in festivals from all over the world, as well as that of young filmmakers with less experience and fresh eyes.” — Miguel Fernández, Cinescondite

"From the Land to Your Table shows the diversity of each of these regions with sense of humor and the undoubtable knowledge contributed by each of the directors." — Adolfo C. Martínez, La Nación

Main credits

Coira, Jorge (film director)
Hoijman, Alejo (film director)
Loayza, Marcos (film director)
Méndez, Josué (film director)
Navas, Carolina (film director)
Szeplaki, Alejandra (film director)
Vieira, Paola (film director)
Castro Fau, Hugo (film producer)
Nido, Fernanda del (film producer)

Other credits

Cinematography, Gastón Girod; editor, Alejo Hoijman.

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International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam
Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
Honolulu Museum of Art

DIRECTOR: Jorge Coira, Alejo Hoijman, Josué Méndez, Marcos Loayza Montoya, Carolina Navas, Alejandra Szeplaki,

NATIONALITY: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Spain, Venezuela

YEAR: 2011

GENRE: Documentary, Experimental

LANGUAGE: Spanish; Portuguese; Galician; Aymara

COLOR / B&W: Color

GRADE LEVEL: High School, College, Adults



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