That Was Life

(La vida era eso)
David Martín de los Santos | Drama

2020 | 105 minutes | Spain

Maria's tranquil life takes a turn when a young hospital patient's condition worsens, sparking a journey celebrating the possibilities of dignity.


María and Verónica are two Spanish immigrants from different generations who find themselves in a hospital in Belgium. There they begin to forge a friendship until an unexpected event leads María to undertake a trip to the south of Spain in search of Verónica's family.

Full of sensitivity and love of life, the film talks about immigration and uprooting and the mark we leave on others.


A rapturously moving debut." — SCREEN DAILY
"A gem" — Harper's Bazaar

"Surprising and deeply moving" — The Playlist

“Heartbreakingly tender." — Elle

"An actress in a state of grace." — Cinemania

"An illuminating glimmer about the possibility of reinventing oneself." — Cineuropa

"Fantastic" — Ecartelera

“Resounding success both for the depth of its story and for the liveliness of its characters." — Vavel


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Seville European Film Festival - Best Actress (Petra Martinez); Transylvania International Film Festival - Best Actress (Petra Martinez); Liverpool International Film Festival - Best Film of the Festival, Best Feature, Best Director, Best Actress; FEROZ Critiques Press Award - Best Actress (P. Martinez); Cinehorizontes; Marseille Film Festival - Audience Award, Youth Award, Best Actress Award; Abycine - Best Movie, Best Young Acting Career (Anna Castillo); Alexandria Mediterranean Film Festival - Best Actress (Petra Martinez), Best Opera Prima; Almeria International Film Festival - 2nd Best First Film, Canal Sur Best Career (Petra Martinez); Tudela First-Film Festival - Equality Award; ALCINE Alcalá de Henares Film Festival - Best International Career (Petra Martinez)

DIRECTOR: David Martín de los Santos


YEAR: 2020

GENRE: Drama

LANGUAGE: Spanish; French

COLOR / B&W: Color

GRADE LEVEL: Middle School, High School, College, Adult



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