Port of Destiny: Peace

(Port of Destiny: Peace)
Robert Abbott | Documentary

2018 | 52 minutes | United States

This film follows Nobel laureate Juan Manuel Santos, Colombia's President, as he pursues peace, battling FARC guerrillas, orchestrating rescues, and facing political consequences.


Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos won international praise and the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize for ending a five-decade civil war that left some 260,000 people dead and 8 million displaced. His persistence transformed a country that was once the murder capital of the world into a global destination for investment and tourism.

Port of Destiny recounts the drama of Colombia’s path to peace. As Defense Minister, Santos waged war on the terrorist guerrilla movement FARC, hunting down its leaders and orchestrating high-wire hostage rescues. As President, he brokered peace—but paid a steep political price.

Featuring interviews with former United States President Bill Clinton and former United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair, the film draws on unprecedented access to Santos, his family, and Colombian officials to tell the story of a man who risked his career and his legacy to bring peace to his people.


"Port of Destiny brilliantly captures the determination and courage of President Juan Manuel Santos in ending 50 years of civil war in Colombia. This riveting drama shows what it took to end the violence, and the political price Santos had to pay on his way to winning the Nobel Peace Prize." — Jonathan Powell, Former Chief British Negotiator in Northern Ireland

"Really powerful—incredible—so well done, moving, and extremely important...Whether you agree or disagree with the decisions made, it is a window to the mind and soul of the leader making those decisions." — Lori Esposito Murray — Council on Foreign Relations

"Magnificent. Such an appealing, compelling, and articulate subject—yet it's the storytelling that makes the documentary so rich. [The film would] get an A+ at 60 Minutes."— Lesley Stahl, Correspondent, 60 Minutes, CBS News

"A really powerful film." — Alan Murray, CEO of Fortune

"Outstanding. I am astounded by the quality of the script, camera shots, editing, and nuanced points both about the politics and the peace." — Lyndsay Howard, Senior Analyst for Foreign Policy, Bloomberg LP

"Poignant and courageous." — Barbara Kopple, Two-time Academy Award-Winning Filmmaker, Cabin Creek Films

Main credits

Abbott, Robert (film director)
Sellers, Pattie (film producer)
Bouez, Charbel (film producer)
Santos, Juan Manuel (on-screen participant)
Clinton, Bill (on-screen participant)
Blair, Tony (on-screen participant)

Other credits

Cinematographer, Gustavo Acosta; editing, Joe Canali, Timothy Horgan, Dave Lynch.

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Film Fest Tucson; Calabasas Film Festival in California; Virginia Film Festival in Virginia

DIRECTOR: Robert Abbott

NATIONALITY: United States

YEAR: 2018

GENRE: Documentary

LANGUAGE: English; Spanish

COLOR / B&W: Color

GRADE LEVEL: Middle School, High School, College, Adults



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