Our Song to War

(Nuestro canto a la guerra)
Juanita Onzaga | Documentary, Experimental

2018 | 14 minutes | Colombia, Belgium

Following a massacre by the FARC guerrillas, a Colombian village emerges as a mysterious place where people sing as they guide spirits across a mystic river.


In the Colombian village of Bojayá, in 2002, FARC guerrillas committed a massacre. In this poetic, visually stunning film, the town emerges as a mysterious place where people sing as they guide the spirits across a mystic river. This death ritual, Novenario, is to ensure that the angry spirits of the dead don’t return—a reconciliation between the world of the living and the lost souls that roamed the Colombian landscape during 50 years of war.


"Exploring the territory of the village of Bojaya serves as the basis of the Colombian-Belgian filmmaker Juanita Onzaga’s narrative in Our Song to War– the perception of a reality permeated by the irrational, the persistence of archaic patterns, the survival of the sacred, all tied together by an exceptional sense of imagery." - Clermont Ferrand, Short film festival editorial

Main credits

Onzaga, Juanita (film director)
Onzaga, Juanita (film producer)
Stevens, Jan (film producer)
Despeer, Sofie (film producer)

Other credits

Cinematography & editing, Juanita Onzaga; music, Las Musas de Pogue.

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Cannes - Director's Fortnight; Ghent Film Festival; Amsterdam International Film Festival

DIRECTOR: Juanita Onzaga

NATIONALITY: Colombia, Belgium

YEAR: 2018

GENRE: Documentary, Experimental


COLOR / B&W: Color

GRADE LEVEL: Middle School, High School, College, Adult



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