Bite-Size Cinema

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The Bite-Size Cinema collection includes the following titles:

16 December

16 de decembro
Drama Spain
Saturday. Nightfall. Lucía sets off to pick up her brother under the lights of a city she thinks she knows.

5105, A Story of an Escape from Mauthausen

5105 Historia de una fuga de Mauthausen
Documentary, Animation Spain
In 1942, three Spanish prisoners created a plan to escape the Mauthausen extermination camp. Nobody had escaped alive until that moment.

60 Years Old

60 años
Drama, Fiction Spain
Rosa’s husband dies on his 60th birthday. But she will not abandon him on such a special day.

7 Reasons to Run Away (from Society)

7 Raons per Fugir (de la Societat)
Comedy, Fiction Spain
Seven darkly humorous stories whose protagonists are downright detestable. Seven characteristics that make us unbearable. Seven reasons it’s best to avoid people altogether. Seven surrealist visions of a dysfunctional society.

A Rebellion for Love

Un amor en rebeldía
Documentary Mexico
In the late 70's, Yan María Castro founded Mexico's first lesbian-feminist group. Despite discrimination, the group won its place in society.


Drama Colombia
The transition of her body and her hidden desires lead Alma to face her inner fears and thus take the first step to love herself as she is.

Art Poetry, Part 1

Animation, Romance Spain
Have you ever wondered what would it be like to mash-up Shakespeare’s poems with sound, music, pictures, and illustration? Art Poetry bringing people closer to poetry by representing a selection of the most significant poems in the history of literature in two-minute animation pieces.

Art Poetry, Part 2

Animation, Romance Spain
Have you ever wondered what would it be like to mash-up Shakespeare’s poems with sound, music, pictures, and illustration? Art Poetry bringing people closer to poetry by representing a selection of the most significant poems in the history of literature in two-minute animation pieces.

Aurora and the House of Lights

Aurora y la casa de las luces
Drama Colombia
Aurora desperately plays in an arcade to win a giant teddy bear, escaping a painful reality in a hospital after a traumatic event.

Back Then

Lo que no fue en tu año
Drama, Romance Peru
After five months, one ordinary afternoon, Lucía and Jorge finally have a conversation about who they are and where they come from.

Blast Beat

Comedy, Musical, Fiction United States
A Colombian metalhead and new American suburbanite makes a leap into adulthood to save his family. An Uber Metalized American Latino Adventure That'll Kick Your Ass Back to the Y2K.

Boston's Latin Quarter

Documentary United States
The Latin Quarter, a Latinx neighborhood in the middle of Jamaica Plain in Boston, serves as an example of community, resilience, and growth.

Brickmakers (Chircales)

Documentary, Classic Colombia
An essential and highly influential classic, Chircales is the product of two of the most prominent and rebellious voices of the New Latin American Cinema: Marta Rodríguez and Jorge Silva.


Comedy, Drama Spain
In a summer mansion in the Costa Brava, a young domestic worker has to serve two rich kids while they enjoy their summer.

Can Gardell

Drama Spain
A legal change in land rights gives the Gardell family no choice but to turn their farm into a Bed & Breakfast, where they patiently await guests.

Carretera Cartonera: Discover the World of Cartonera Publishers

Carretera cartonera
Documentary Italy
Carretera Cartonera travel across Latin America to understand Cartonera book production. What they find is a diverse and vast array of citizens and cooperatives committed to using literary production as a means of fighting for social justice, economic equality, and a more sustainable world.


Fiction, Thriller Spain
Laura and Pedro are walking peacefully with their dog in the mountains when something gets in their way and irrupts their lives forever.


Fiction Spain
Pablo, a common young guy, meets his friend Nestor at dawn. They are both waiting for the van that will pick them up. Meanwhile, Pablo’s mother doesn’t stop calling him to come home.


Drama, Comedy Spain
Ten imprisoned women organize a theater play that might serve both as therapy to their own frustrations and as a way of reintegrating in society.


Documentary Spain, Chile
From Spain to Chile, award-winning film directors correspond and share their reflections about film, family, heritage, and maternity.

Curupira and the Machine of the Destiny

Curupira e a máquina do destino
Fiction, Experimental Brazil, France
An encounter between the entity Curupira, a queer devil who protects the forests of Brazil, and the incarnated ghost of Iracema, a 14-year-old prostitute.


Drama Colombia
Deep in the jungle, a group of teenage girls are being kept under watch. Despite abandonment and hostility, Damiana hopes to reach her father.

Down to the Wire

Fiction, Animation, Thriller, Science Fiction Spain
Somewhere in a post-apcopalyptic world settled by people made of wire, a stranger arrives to a ghost town where the only inhabitants are a man and his daughter...


Ponche de huevo
Fiction, Comedy Spain
Celia doesn't want to celebrate her birthday. She is at that stage of life when it is better to think about other things. Her friends try to cheer her up with a strange gift.


Documentary United States, Dominican Republic
When the Dominican Republic’s Supreme Court stripped the citizenship of anyone with Haitian parents, Elena becomes the face of the struggle against the opaque bureaucratic process and a racist, hostile society, to stay in a country built on the labor of her forefathers.


Drama Colombia
Elena finds a wounded paramilitary soldier and decides to help him. While recuperating, he confesses that his unit recently killed her son.


Drama, Fiction Mexico
A sudden event will draw an unexpected path between Arcelia, an elderly lady, and the young Julian.

Erasing The Border

Documentary Mexico, United States
Mexican American artist Ana Teresa Fernández imagines a creative way to make the US-Mexico border wall disappear.

Eva minus Candela

Eva menos Candela
Romance, Drama Colombia
Eva and Candela come together two years after their relationship's end. While it appears that they have moved on, they still have unfinished business.

Fabrizio's Initiation

El inicio de Fabrizio
Comedy, Romance, Fiction Argentina
Fabrizio is looking forward to the first time with his girlfriend. With ease and humor, Mariano Biasin contrasts the double standards of parents with adolescent sexual awakening.


Drama Spain, United States
Four teenagers proud of their Moroccan-Spanish background will see their self-confidence and friendship tested on the 18th birthday of one of them.


Drama Spain
On her 12th birthday, Carmela is forced to meet her father in a family meeting center, due to his conviction for domestic violence against her mother.

Flight to Earth

Science Fiction, Animation Spain
Children of new human colonies must take a mandatory flight to visit the uninhabitable Earth.


Drama Brazil
When non-binary Sarah and cis-jock Tom find themselves accidentally locked in a college bathroom overnight, their contrasting worldviews collide.


Drama Spain
A journey into group mentality, impulse, and those experiences that men very often keep quiet, to the masculinity that devours us.


Drama, Classic Colombia
Genaro delivers the bodies of paramilitaries killed in combat to their families. He's left cold, until he is tasked with finding a particular corpse.

Green Screen Gringo

Documentary, Experimental The Netherlands
Behind a green screen, a foreigner finds his way in an enchanting, and yet turbulent, Brazil.


Documentary Spain
Fear and fascination arise in Muriel Grey when she remembers her father, one of the only black survivors of the Mauthausen concentration camp.

Guests Always Return

Los invitados siempre vuelven
Drama Spain
Laura and Miguel are a perfect couple. Who wouldn’t want to live in their house?

Guillen Project

Proyecto Guillén
Documentary Spain
A dedicated schoolteacher faces a daunting challenge: one of his elementary school students, Guillén, is diagnosed with cancer.

Here on Earth

Acá en la Tierra
Drama Mexico
Sam is a child who thinks of himself as an extraterrestrial being because he doesn’t fit ‘normal’ human parameters.


Drama, Fiction Spain
The director of an institute tries to persuade a new pupil to remove her hijab but the young woman resists.

In Havana

Documentary The Netherlands
Three kids in Havana introduce their friends and family, showcasing wildly different lifestyles. We learn their beliefs, dreams, and hopes.

In the High School

En el instituto
Drama, Fiction Spain
In high school, Angel studies, learns, grows up and has fun.

Juan of the Witches

Juan de las Brujas
Documentary Mexico, United States
An homage to 82-year-old Juan Medellín, a founding member of Mexico City's prestigious Ballet Folklórico de Amalia Hernández. 

Karina's Suit

El traje de Karina
Drama Colombia
Muete, a deserter from an armed group, visits his cousin Karina, a transgender sex worker with whom he shares a past.

La prima cosa

Documentary, Animation Spain
A friendship between Kookoo Rikoo, the only Arab Christian Israeli clown, and a war survivor, a Syrian girl.


Documentary United States
A journey of healing and resilience, delving into the power of reconnection and overcoming the lingering effects of mother-child separation at the border.


Fiction, Drama
A family faces the last night of its eldest member, showing their different ways of dealing with the end of life.

Lo 100to

Animation Canada
A breakup announcement brings out the best, worst, and weirdest in a Salvadoran family.

Looking for El Santo

Documentary Mexico, Cuba
This intimate short documentary reveals the surreal story of Santo's debut in cinema, during the Cuban Revolution.

Marina's Ocean

Marina não vai à praia
Drama, Fiction Brazil
A 15-year-old girl yearns to see the ocean, but her disability interferes. Unable to travel to the beach with her sister and friends, Marina strikes out on an adventure of her own.


Drama Spain
Faced with the challenges of her daily routine, Ramona begins to see the glimmer of a new possibility – the chance to live for herself, for once.

Monumental History of Modern-Day Spain

Documentary, Experimental Spain
Some long steps towards today.

Motorcyclist’s Happiness Won't Fit Into His Suit

Al motociclista no le cabe la felicidad en el traje
Fiction, Drama, Experimental Mexico
There he sits proudly on his beautiful motorbike, certain that he alone can explore the jungle. A playful re-enactment with reversed roles that takes aim at colonialism.


Fiction, Romance, Comedy Spain
Nico and Julia are thinking about moving in together. There's only a small problem: he has a cat called Nibbler and she's allergic.

On My Own

Soy sola
Drama, Comedy Chile, United States
A woman on the verge of menopause rediscovers herself listening to the exciting stories of a teenage client.

One 2 One

Drama, Thriller Spain
An acclaimed director faces a One 2 One interview because of his latest film.

One Night Alone

Una noche solos
Fiction, Drama, Comedy Argentina
Celina and Alejo, with their son Camilo, face relationship woes. A hotel night gift from Alejo's mother brings unexpected twists, testing their hopes for a rejuvenated romance.

Our Song to War

Nuestro canto a la guerra
Documentary, Experimental Colombia, Belgium
Following a massacre by the FARC guerrillas, a Colombian village emerges as a mysterious place where people sing as they guide spirits across a mystic river.


Los padres
Drama, Fiction Spain
Azu and Cristi have just turned 14 years old and they still haven’t been able to get their parents out of their home.

Plastic Killer

Fiction, Comedy, Science Fiction Spain
Amparo survives in an old deserted haberdashery with Carmela, a plastic bag which she considers her own daughter.

Plot Point

Punto de giro
Fiction, Drama, Comedy, Science Fiction Spain
Clara and Luis have an argument. It’s not the first and it’s always over the same issue: Clara’s job interferes with Luis’ desire to have a family.

Porcelain Horse

Mejor no hablar (de ciertas cosas)
Drama, Fiction Ecuador
Paco and his brother Luis break into their parents' house to steal a porcelain horse for drug money. Confronted by their father, a fight unfolds with chilling consequences.


Drama Chile
Ariel becomes involved in a teenager civil arrest— some accuse him of being guilty and some defend him. Ariel has to decide which side he is on.

Red Gold

Oro Rojo
Documentary, Animation Spain
An exploration into the Moroccan women's protest in Huelva's strawberry fields providing insight into challenges faced by marginalized communities.

Red Land

Tierra escarlata
Drama, Classic Colombia
Andrés, a boy from the countryside, arrives at a coastal town searching for his brother. He finds a town marked by the violent reality in Colombia.


Documentary United States
As three families are deported to Honduras, the film explores the experience of being returned to a familiar, yet increasingly unsafe situation.


Drama Spain
Laura meets Carlos at a party. They dance, drink and have fun on a night that will be hard to forget.

Route 60

Ruta 60
Documentary Colombia
In the '90s, Route 60, connecting Medellín to Bogotá, was a battleground. Today, lingering fear and concealed atrocities haunt the memories.

Saturday Night

Documentary Canada
A poetic and bittersweet snapshot of aging in a foreign urban setting, viewed through the eyes of three Latin American immigrants and their connection to dance.


Beira mar
Drama, Fiction, Romance Brazil
During a weekend in the winter, two young men attempt to rekindle their friendship, witnessed by a cold raging sea.


Comedy, Romance Argentina
Federico decides to separate from Magda but Magda beats him to the punch in this deadpan comedy by Martín Rejtman.

She Wolf Totem

Tótem loba
Fiction, Thriller
Estíbaliz accepts her friend Raquel’s invitation to attend her village’s festivities. What initially seems like an exciting weekend turns into a nightmare.

Shout at Me!

¿Me vas a gritar?
Documentary Mexico
Society's violence against women are a heavy burden that Melissa must lift everyday. When she gets in the ring, she’s the one answering back.

Silence Please

Silencio por favor
Drama Spain
A small incident disrupts the family routine for a man, his mother, and his brother, who suffers from cerebral palsy.

So Far so Good

Hasta aquí todo va bien
Drama Colombia
The daily life of a popular neighborhood in Bogotá is interrupted by a man threatening to commit suicide by jumping into the void.

Song for Cuba

Documentary, Experimental Canada
A young Cuban couple chart a new course for themselves on an island in the North Atlantic.

Spain in Crisis: A Collective Response

Documentary, Experimental Spain
This crucial collection offers a fresh and much-needed perspective from artists and activists alike on the current Spanish fiscal crisis and the 15M movement, which influenced popular protests around the world, including the USA’s own Occupy Wall Street.


Drama Spain
As the Spanish Civil War winds down, the Port of Alicante is a beacon of desperation and hope. Thousands await ships hired by the Republic to escape.

Summer Hit

Drama, Fiction, Romance Germany
Laia from Spain and Emil from Iceland are exchange students in Munich. After having sex a couple of times, Emil professes his love to Laia, who panics. It it just a summer fling?

Swimming Pool

Fiction, Comedy Spain
Santi (Ferrán Vilajosana) and Jota (Álex Villazán) are living in the outskirts of Madrid. Like many others, they have decided not to study or work, spending their time drinking beer.


Animation, Romance Colombia
Alone and yearning, Juan becomes consumed by his singular vision of the city, determined to recover the meaning of his own life.

That Guy from the Train

El chico del tren
Fiction, Romance Spain
Every day, Sara runs into Tobías on her way to work. One morning she accepts his invitation for coffee, which will be the first of several rendezvous to affect her more deeply.

The Authority

Drama, Fiction Spain
A Spanish-Moroccan family that is going out on vacation is stopped by the police. After the humiliating search, things will never be the same.

The Birth

El nacimiento
Drama, Fiction Spain
A sterile worker who wishes to have a child must assist a young woman in labor who does not want to have the baby.

The Communion of My Cousin Andrea

A comuñón da miña prima Andrea
Documentary Spain
Andrea's first communion lacks in glamour. For Andrea, things without sparkles are not things. The only problem is: Does this God exist?

The Expert

La eminencia
Documentary Spain
Everything is born with a riddle. A riddle with a very simple answer, but for many people the answer is not so obvious. Why?

The Intronauta

El intronauta
Animation Colombia
In a media-soaked world, EL finds solace in drawing. His city-born plant is erased by societal norms, prompting his transformation into El Intronauta.

The Killing of the Pig

La matança del porc
Documentary, Experimental Spain, United States
From one of today's most respected filmmakers, dive into the mind of an amateur filmmaker in the '70s, concocting daring alternatives to tackle the 2012 economic crisis. A thought-provoking modern classic.

The Last Fisherman of Taganga

El último pescador de Taganga
Drama Colombia
Father and son chase sea dreams in perilous, climate-changed oceans. Amid a bleak future, an end becomes a new start

The Orphan

O órfão
Drama, Fiction Brazil
Jonathas has been adopted, but it doesn't take long until he is returned because he is "different" from the other kids. Inspired by true events.

The Parabolic Dish

La parabólica
Drama, Fiction Spain
During the broadcast of the Pope`s visit, Vicente’s television is broken. Desperate, he decides to make a homemade parabolic dish.

The Plastic Turtle

La tortuga de plástico
Animation Colombia
Sea turtle faces survival challenges.

The Rebellion of Memory

La rebelión de la memoria
Documentary Ecuador
The indigenous movement leads the protests against the elimination of the subvention to the gas fuels by the Ecuadorian government.

The Wall: The Effect of its Imposing Presence on Migrant Families

Documentary United States
A firsthand look at the reality of the Hispanic population in the United States and the current undocumented immigration crisis, touching on topics such as the U.S.-Mexico border wall, the effects of family separation at the border, deportation, and DACA.

The Water

El agua
Science Fiction, Drama, Comedy Argentina
A man wakes up in a world where water has disappeared, however, everyone acts like nothing happened.

The Year of the Radio

El año del radio
Animation, Fiction, Drama Mexico
Mexico in the '90s. Seven-year-old Alex and his little siblings are left in the care of their senile Aunt Lola, while their mother works as a host on a radio station.


Drama, Comedy Spain
Luna and Diego are the parking lot security guards. Diego does the night shift, and Luna works by day.

Undo Motherhood Ep. 01 - Exhaustion

Undo Motherhood explores the reasons why a significant number of women around the world today, in spite of loving their children, regret becoming mothers.

Undo Motherhood Ep. 02 - Isolation

Undo Motherhood explores the reasons why a significant number of women around the world today, in spite of loving their children, regret becoming mothers.

Undo Motherhood Ep. 03 - Resignation

Undo Motherhood explores the reasons why a significant number of women around the world today, in spite of loving their children, regret becoming mothers.

Undo Motherhood Ep. 04 - Acceptance

Undo Motherhood explores the reasons why a significant number of women around the world today, in spite of loving their children, regret becoming mothers.

Video-Dérives: Sol

Video-dérives: Sol
Documentary, Experimental Spain
An exploration of how citizens register images during the biggest social protests in Spain.

War Animals

Animales de guerra
Drama Colombia
The night before the wrestling final, Antonio and Rubén, stuck in a hotel, search for distractions from their desires as they wander.

Water Steps

Los pasos del agua
Drama Colombia
Two fishermen in a forgotten hamlet near the Cauca river find a dead body in their net and, opting not to inform authorities, decide to bury it.

Watermelon Juice

Suc de síndria
Drama Spain
In the midst of nature, between tears and laughter, Barbara will heal old wounds and redefine her sexuality after a traumatic event.

Way Back Home

La vuelta a casa
Drama Brazil
A retiree waits for a visit from family that doesn't happen. His gardener offers him a lift home, but when he gets there, a surprise jogs his memory.

We Need It Yesterday

Para ayer
Fiction, Comedy Spain
An emerging production company is ready to do whatever it takes in order to get the job from an award-winning advertising agency.

What Happens to a Dream Deferred

Documentary United States
An intimate portrait of a day in the life of two DACA recipients whose lives were thrown into limbo after the program was rescinded on September 5, 2017.

What Would You Pack?

Documentary United States
What would you pack in the suitcase of a loved one, if they were going to be deported?


Documentary Spain
The war in Ukraine told through the eyes of Ukrainian women.

Woody and Woody

Fiction, Animation, Comedy Spain
A young Woody Allen meets an old Woody Allen having a drink in a bar. A great dialogue begins.